Kubota KX 121-2 Lower Roller

SKU: RD101-99900
Weight: 18 lbs

Buy aftermarket replacement Kubota KX 121-2 bottom track rollers online and save. This roller also fits the Kubota RX302.

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Kubota KX 121-2 Lower Roller
Kubota KX 121-2 Lower Roller
Product Details

This is the aftermarket replacement bottom roller for Kubota KX 121-2 and RX302 mini excavators. The bottom rollers support and guide the machine on the track and carry the weight of the machine while it is traveling or digging. They are sold individually but we always encourage changing all worn bottom rollers at the same time to maximize the lifespan of the undercarriage.

Alternate Part Number: Kubota dealer part number: RD101-99900, RD301-99900, RC101-21803

Alternate Model:
The RD101-99900 roller is known to be interchangeable with the RC101-21803, and RD301-99900 for the KX61-2, KX71-2, KX91-2 and U35 models. (The U35-3 and U35-4 take the RB511-21702) This track roller is guaranteed to fit the KX121-2 mini excavator.

Kubota KX 121-2 Undercarriage Parts

Here is the complete line of undercarriage parts for the Kubota KX 121-2 including the rubber track, drive sprocket, bottom rollers, top rollers, and tension idler.