Bobcat E35 Hitachi EX35 12.5 Inch Rubber Track

Weight: 314 lbs

Buy premium aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for the Bobcat ®, Hitachi, and Airman mini excavators online at Pentom Parts.

Price: $902.70
Bobcat E35 Hitachi EX35 12.5 Inch Rubber Track
Product Details

This is an optional aftermarket replacement rubber track for the Bobcat® and many Hitachi mini excavators. This track is twelve and a half inches (320 mm) wide and has eighty four metal links The track comes with a twelve month factory warranty against manufacturers defect and fits models:

  • Bobcat ® E35
    (6988844, 7255667, 6692957)
  • Hitachi EX 35
  • Hitachi EX 35-1
  • Hitachi EX 40 UR

Airman and Kubota models:

  • Airman AX35-1
  • Airman AX 35-2
  • Kubota KX 035
  • Kubota KH 033G

Please verify the number of embedded metal links prior to ordering as well as your width as there is also a more narrow 300 mm wide option under MEP-407A. Please note some Kubota models have optional guiding system requirements.